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The protocols described in STANAG 5602 SIMPLE have been utilised for many years to provide for the secure transfer of data between remote sites in different locations to support interoperability (IO) testing of Tactical Data Link (TDL) implementations in the different platforms of NATO Nations and Organisations. Platforms and thereby operations have benefited from the IO issues discovered and fixed during testing increasing IO between platforms.

This one day course will cover all aspects of the SIMPLE protocol including the establishment of a testing network, equipment procurement, simulation and stimulation of platform sensors, analysis and management of IO issues from over 10 years of involvement in STANAG 5602 theory and practice.

As well as discussing the protocols, their use during testing, lessons learned through practical experience and exploitation to support training, exercises and operations will also be described.

The syllabus details the content of the course. SyntheSys is able to tailor the final delivery to meet any specific needs you may have.

SIMPLE (STANAG 5602) Course syllabus

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